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Our services

Corporate PR

An organization's corporate image is one of its most valuable assets, especially in times of rapid market change and increasing competition. Building a strong brand helps an organization achieve its business objectives, but can also protect its business in a crisis. We help companies develop an effective communications strategy to inform key stakeholders about their performance, values and business model. Our aim is to build trust and good, long-term relationships between the company and its stakeholders. We also often act as a press office, helping our clients deal with the media. We believe that quality is more important than quantity, so we suggest actions to our clients that will deliver real benefits, not just look good in a presentation.

Investor relations

Effective two-way communication between a company and capital market participants is one of the strategic tasks in public companies and a key step in achieving a fair valuation of the company. As pioneers of investor relations in Poland, we know how to combine financial, marketing and communications activities, taking into account applicable legal regulations and best market practices.

Transaction support

Public offerings, mergers, acquisitions, share issues, stock-market listing—the right communications to potential investors, media and capital market commentators are vital for the success of every transaction. We know the Polish capital market from its very foundations. To date we have conducted information campaigns supporting over 130 public offerings and dozens of mergers and acquisitions. In addition to Polish companies, we have also worked for foreign companies listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Social media

We believe that social media can help build the corporate image in any sector. But it is vital to choose the right tools and regularly create engaging content. We know that in the crush of everyday obligations, it can be hard to find time to write posts, design graphics, and shoot videos. Thus we support our clients in creating a social media strategy and in planning, drafting and publishing engaging materials, for corporate profiles and for selected experts.

Public affairs

We support our clients—Polish and foreign—in better understanding the Polish political, economic and legal environment in the context of their business. We help them reach local communities and key stakeholders, and to build long-lasting relationships with them founded on good cooperation.

Crisis communications

Crisis situations occur in every business, but surprisingly, it is possible to prepare for many of them. Based on an analysis of the company’s operations, we help develop a communications strategy and train staff to deal with potential problems. And once a crisis has occured, our clients can also count on us for advice on how to get the situation under control and develop a crisis exit plan.


Not everyone is a born orator, able to sway crowds. But we believe this is a skill anyone can learn. In cooperation with the finest experts on public speaking and image creation, we help our clients gain self-confidence and speak without fear at conferences, corporate events, and before the camera.

Visual communications

We believe that in today’s communications, pictures are at least as important as words. That’s why we cooperate with the finest experts to provide our clients a distinct visual identity, striking graphics, films audiences want to watch, and appealing social media content.