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We are one of the most experienced public relations agencies in Poland. For over 30 years we have helped our clients manage their image and advised them on how to communicate with all target groups.

We specialize in corporate PR, financial PR, and investor relations. We support clients from a wide range of sectors, regardless of the scale of their operations—from international corporate groups to exchange-listed companies and smaller private companies.

We assist our clients in building good relations with the media, investors, employees and consumers. We apply tools tailored to the specific project.

We have unrivalled experience in running information campaigns supporting transactions on the capital market, such as mergers, acquisitions, public offerings of shares, and stock-market debuts. We have completed hundreds of such projects, but we approach every project with the same enthusiasm.

Our team

Piotr Wojtaszek
Piotr Wojtaszek

Affiliated with NBS since 2004, Piotr has led the company since 2016. Previously he was a journalist at Parkiet. He advises NBS clients on communications strategy and crisis management. He has advised on dozens of public offerings and stock-market debuts.
In his free time he pursues sports-related travels with his family, and cooks.

Anna Krajewska - kwadrat na www
Anna Krajewska
Founder, VP

A pioneer of public relations in Poland, Anna has worked in the field for over 30 years. Founder of NBS and CEO for many years (until 2016). She has executed dozens of campaigns supporting mergers, acquisitions and stock-market listings of Polish and international companies. She is unmatched in creating strategies and resolving crisis situations.
An ardent traveller and birdwatcher, she has visited every continent but Antarctica.

Krzysztof Woch 2 - kwadrat na www
Krzysztof Woch
Project Director

At NBS since 2012, Krzysztof previously reported on finance for Parkiet and Rzeczpospolita and managed relations with media and investors at a large listed company. His days are absorbed with numbers, as he supports communications for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange or planning to list there.
Privately he is an avid triathlete and the only Ironman in our team.

Maciej Szczepaniak - kwadrat na www
Maciej Szczepaniak
Project Director

Maciej joined NBS in 2013. Previously he cofounded and developed the TVN CNBC channel, among other initiatives. At NBS he combines financial knowledge with television experience, supporting companies in investor relations, financial PR and corporate PR, and also coordinates our film projects.
He is an aficionado of new technologies and motoring, particularly zero-emissions.

Joanna BrewiƄska - kwadrat na www
Joanna BrewiƄska
Senior Project Manager

At NBS since 2016, Joanna has worked in PR for over a decade. She is equally at home in corporate communications, and investor relations. She has created hundreds of strategies and campaigns, and is unmatched in project coordination.
Her great love is literature, and she can always recommend books worth reading.

Beata Krowicka-Makowska - kwadrat na www
Beata Krowicka-Makowska
Senior Project Manager

Beata joined NBS in 2017, after working for over a decade as a journalist, including at Dziennik and Polish Radio. She supports clients in all matters requiring a creative approach—she drafts promotional strategies, writes, takes photos, shoots films, and runs social media.
In her free time she loves to take photographs of modern architecture.

Jan PakuƂa - kwadrat na www
Jan PakuƂa
Senior Project Manager

Jan joined NBS in 2019, and has worked in the PR industry for over a decade. He leads projects in corporate communications, where he supports creative concepts with his marketing knowledge. He is at home in social media and often supports clients in creating their personal brands.
A devoted traveller, he is now encouraging his young daughter to follow in his footsteps.

Marek Czarski - kwadrat na www
Marek Czarski
Project Manager

At NBS since 2020, Marek has over a decade of experience in PR, including for the real estate, IT and media sectors. He supports clients in financial and corporate PR, but also pursues the legal complexities of litigation PR.
In his free time he visits sites near and far in the field sport of Geocaching.

Krzysztof KokoszczyƄski - kwadrat na www
Krzysztof KokoszczyƄski
Project Manager

Krzysztof joined NBS in 2023. Previously he was a cofounder of the Polish branch of EurActiv and was involved in communications in the tech sector. He is a true newshound and is responsible for the weekly Snapshot for NBS clients. He is also comfortable handling public affairs and energy projects.
In his free time he sails — so far in Poland, but he also plans to explore other European waters.

Marta Bruczuk-Figiel
Project Manager

Marta joined NBS in 2023. Before embarking on her adventure in PR, she worked in the public sector. She also organised the Karpacz Economic Forum, so she is no stranger to the event industry. Marta assists clients with financial and corporate PR projects.
Outside of work, she fulfills her role as a mother and finds balance in Crossfit.

Dorota CzerwiƄska-Zabrzycka
Senior Account Executive

Dorota joined NBS in 2023. She has worked in the PR industry for 8 years. Before that, she was a journalist for over 15 years, working for Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita and Puls Biznesu, among others.
A true master of words. She assists NBS clients with real estate and financial projects.
Dorota spends her free time in nature, hiking and cycling. She loves dogs.

Ewa Frąc - kwadrat na www
Ewa Frąc
Office Manager

Our office superhero, Ewa has administered the NBS office since 2018 and maintains a firm grasp of all accounting and HR matters. Thanks to her, our firm operates like a well-oiled machine, and consultants can focus on their clients, knowing that administrative matters are under control.
Her passion since childhood has been singing, and in her free time she eagerly follows the latest trends in social media.

International reach

We belong to Polish industry organizations and international networks of PR agencies. 
With our partners from all over the world, we can help your company reach wherever it wants to go.